JAG Hospitality focuses
on the fundamentals of
The Three C Principal:



Continuous Improvement

What we do...

Hospitality/Customer Service Consulting Services - Providing Service Consultation to Accommodation, Food and Beverage, Cruise Line, Aviation, Office and Retail organisations looking to set high standards, improve on customer/guest experiences and focus on the bottom line, Profitability!

Our Team provides a firm and fair approach to ensure you see an immediate positive change/improvement in your operation and are fully satisfied with the results.

JAG Hospitality is able to personally cater to your organisation requirements and budget.

We offer competitively priced packaged service plans and hourly/daily/weekly rate consultation. Services provided are hands on and include on-site attendance* (extended attendance is available upon mutual agreement*), as well as short term Relief/Interim Management.

We work with you and your team!

Our goal is your success and this is achieved through a team approach, working alongside your current resources. For further details contact us at your convenience so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

We Focus on the Details:

  • Service Standards
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Management/Leadership Style
  • HR Policies and Accountability
  • Maintenance, Hygiene and Cleanliness Presentation
  • Marketing – Effective Use of Available Resources

Every operation has the potential to achieve excellence in all that it does. Due to many contributing factors this is not always achieved and has a negative impact on the brand reputation, your guest’s experience and perception and in the end , profitability.

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